reiki i

reiki i

reiki i

• Have you ever wanted to learn how to better heal yourself, your loved ones? • • Seeking to expand your connection with the Divine? • •Already a practitioner, but want to refresh?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

This Reiki I Attunement is meant to support you on your continued healing journey and foster self and community healing in a loving and fun environment. Among the topics covered, we'll learn:

- What Reiki is/is not

- The History of Reiki

- How Reiki Works

- The Principals of Reiki

-  How to Give Reiki Treatments to Self, Friends/Family, Clients, Pets

- Legalities and Ethics of Reiki Practice


•You will be attuned to the first Reiki Healing Symbols and receive Level 1 certification - in addition...

- You will learn how to connect to a peaceful, healing energy with ease

- Your intuition, awareness and spiritual perceptive abilities may become enhanced

 reiki ii

reiki ii

reiki ii - Saturday, 1/12/19

If you have taken Reiki I and are ready to deepen your practice, or if you’ve gone through Reiki II already and want to refresh - I wholeheartedly welcome you to this attunement. In this class/certification we will:

  • Review your understanding and practice of Reiki I principles

  • Begin discussion on and practice of healing through time

  • Begin discussion of and practice on healing through space/disctance

  • Review and practice the use of gridwork as a tool for further healing

  • Review and discussion of professional ethics

  • Be attuned to, learn and practice three of the sacred reiki symbols