crow mother is founded by liza fenster., an energetic healer and divination conduit that combines born intuitive gifts with a totaled 20 years of extensive spiritual and metaphysical practice and study - with the morris pratt institute, southeastern school of neuromuscular massage, the r.m's ana and carlos gozalez and lindsay mack to name and pay tribute to a few.

as A Reiki Master Teacher, she is fortunate to be able to offer attunement classes as well as individual treatment sessions.. A background in neuromuscular massage therapy provides comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology, lending itself to a closer look at complete healing and gentle somatic therapy.. As a Tarot reader, it is a great joy for her to have the opportunity to connect clients with their spiritual guides and higher wisdom. She finds deep fulfillment. as an ordained minister, officiating scared life events within the community .and sitting for spiritual counseling sessions.

Acting as community servant, her favorite thing is having the opportunity to channel a sacred Life force that protects, supports and empowers your well being.

She lives in brooklyn NY with her husband Michael, their son Yonah and their muppet/dog Pookie.