energy healing

This intense treatment can help any client experiencing acute or chronic physical or emotional symptoms, increased self healing and a greater state of equilibrium. Overall balance, higher function and deep relaxation are among other common benefits of energy healing treatments, which only increase with repeated sessions.  - aromatherapy, guided meditation, tuning forks and charged crystals may also be a part of your session -

This non invasive practice is safe, and completely supports any medical or psychological treatment.

aura cleansing & balancing

Your chakras are the invisible but vital energy centers that are designed to move energy between your personal field and the universal field. When spinning correctly and unencumbered, these chakras are the means by which you replenish your energy and restore your health. Your body is enveloped by an energetic field, which means that what goes on in that field directly affects your body. When your chakras are blocked, your energy flow is also blocked, which will eventually lead to physical symptoms.

This healing will bring about immediate relaxation and internal harmony, and will assist in alleviating any physical symptoms presented.  A typical session involves chakra alignment and clearing on a very deep and multidimensional levels.

tarot divination









16 - 24  Card tarot reading, to bring further clarity, peace and insight.

-all in person readings take place in Soho

-for distance readings, an email or phone consult is done first, to establish a common ground and to go over any goals you may have for the reading.

The reading will take place within the following 24 hours, and be sent to you straight away - accompanied by it's picture , detailed description of each cards interpretation and overall summation/outcome/insight.



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